Asian Vegetables


Sally Cunningham

Expand your growing skills and culinary horizons as you introduce new flavours to your cooking with Asian Vegetables a UK Guide to Growing Fruit, Vegetables and Spices from  India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Over 40 varieties of plants that can be raised in the UK with complete cultivation notes. Not only is this book great fun and a genuine addition to gardening literature but as climate change kicks in with a vengeance who knows how many of these will become important foods. Asian Vegetables works as a perfect companion to Growing Unusual Vegetables
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CONTENTS – Asian Vegetables – A UK Guide to Growing Fruit, Vegetables and Spices from  India, Pakistan and Bangladesh


Chauli, (Amaranth); Haak (mustard greens); Kela na patti and kela phulm (banana leaves and flowers); Methi (fenugreek); Pan (betel leaf)
Chairi (yard-long bean); Guar (cluster bean); Kacha channa(green chick pea); Liva, papri and valoor (lablab bean); Toovar (pigeon pea)
Arvi, taro, and patra; (elephant’s ears); Garmar (Indian coleus); Mooli (white radish); Sakurkund; (sweet potato)
Bhindi; (okra); Brinjal (aubergine); Chichingga (snake gourd); Dudi (bottle gourd); Karalla (bitter melon); Khali turai and ghia turai (angled and smooth luffa); Kontola (spiny cucumber); Mandanmast (passionfruit); Papaya and babaco; Tinda (Indian round melon); Tindora (ivy gourd)
Adraku (ginger); Amada (mango ginger); Dhania (coriander); Haldi (turmeric); Karri patti (curry leaf); Mirich (chilli); Nimbu ghas (lemongrass)
Am (mango); Amla and harfi (Indian and star gooseberry); Amrood (guava); Ber (jujube); Chikku (sapodilla); Imli (tamarind); Jackfruit; Nimbu and Magrut (lime and kaffir lime); Rambutan, lychee and longan; Sahijan (drumstick); Ratalu, kand and suran (yam)
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