Community Orchards through the Year: A Practical Guide


Pauline Markovits

Based on the work of  author Pauline Markovits and the Horfield Organic Community Orchard which was set up on overgrown allotment land in North Bristol in 1988, this fine booklet book offers handy tips and advice on what to do each month in your community orchard. It has hints on communal activities such as running an Apple Day, planting, pruning, storing and using the produce. It is suitable for groups starting out as well as offering ideas for more established community orchards or just those seeking pommological inspiration.  Fully illustrated and with lots of colour pictures – a bargain for only £5.50



Introduction      5

January – Planting – Pruning – The Wassail        7

February  – Care of soil and trees – Rootstocks             9

March –  Compost – Pollination – Useful insects      11

April – Pear blossom – Fungal diseases                   13

May – Blossom time – Pests and Predators            15

June – Thinning fruit, Pruning stone fruits                19

July –  Summer pruning apples and pears                   21

August  – Sharing the harvest, planning for Apple Day  23

September – Storing fruit, school visits     25

October – Apple Day, what to do with the harvest, Juicing  27

November  – Winter pruning and care, Planting          31

December –  Organising and motivating your members        33

Planning A Community Orchard                                      34

Rootstocks, shapes and spacing                                        36

Varieties suitable for organic growing                           38

Basic Instructions on Winter Pruning                         40

Resources                                                                                       42


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