Composting With Worms


George Pilkington

This book was 3 years in the writing, editing and researching. We’re very proud of this complete guide to composting with worms, we think it is still the best book on the topic available and at a reasonable price. It is a down to earth, no nonsense, easy to read guide to worm composting. Why waste your waste? Turn it into soil-enriching vermicompost.

The author George Pilkington, as well as being a worm expert has also done a huge amount of good work with solitary and bumble bees. His website Nurturing Nature is a mine of great info and some fine videos about worms and bees. We thoroughly recommend it.


CONTENTS –  Composting with Worms


Chapter 1. Why worm compost?
– The natural process of decomposition
– Compost heaps
– Vermicomposting
– Benefits of vermicompost at a glance
– Vermicomposting vs. composting
– Responsible Waste Management
– Using a wormery: advantages at a glance

Chapter 2. The Biology of Earthworms
– What is a worm?
– Which worm do you want in your wormery?

Chapter 3. What?s living in the bin with the worms?
– Microscopic organisms – the microherds
– Macroscopic residents (or things we can see)
– Other residents and visitors

Chapter 4. How to make vermicompost
– Providing a suitable home
– The fabric of the bin
– Home-made bins
– Outdoor worm beds or pits
– Siting the worm bin
– Insulation of wormeries
– Bedding
– Worms
– Feeding
– Keeping it all going
– What can go wrong?

Chapter 5. Review of commercially available worm bins

Chapter 6. Using worm compost
– Everyday practical uses of vermicompost
– For house and garden plants
– Use to enhance your soil
– Commercially available vermicompost and vermitea

Chapter 7. Frequently Asked Questions
– Intruders and community build-ups
– Worm issues
– Other management questions
– Food questions
– Vermicompost questions

Chapter 8. The varied roles and wider uses of vermicomposting

A Worm’s Menu
Stockists of worms and worm bins
References and selected bibliography

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