Permaculture – A Designers Manual


Bill Mollison

Permaculture a Design Manual is an ESSENTIAL reference book not just for those who follow the path of permaculture but for all who wish to create and design sustainable systems or are just interested in ecological design.

Sadly as a direct result of those misguided people who voted for the UK to leave the EU the value of the pound has plummeted and hence the cost of this most important of permaculture books has had to increase. Still we believe it is cheaper at eco-logic books than anywhere else, and of course post free in the UK.

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Permaculture – a Designer’s Manual is an essential reference for all designers of sustainable systems. It is based on the years of experience of one of the world’s foremost practitioners. This is not an easy book for beginners. Early chapters include material on land use, settlement design and understanding patterns in natural and human systems. Five chapters cover practical matters of interest to the land use designer: climate, trees and their energy transactions, water, soils and earthworks.

Humid tropics, drylands and cold temperate climates are dealt with, evidence, if it were needed, of the universality of Permaculture principles. Aquaculture has a chapter, as do the legal, financial and ethical structures required for development of sustainability. Establishing the importance of integration between people and landscape, a truly inspirational book and a must for all practitioners and sustainability designers.

Permaculture – a Designer’s Manual is a hardback with 600 pages, lots of illustrations and as you would be expect, masses of exceptional detail.

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