Valuable Vegetables


Mandy Pullen

When the author Mandy Pullen arrived at Ragmans Lane Farm in Gloucester there was no vegetable garden – just an open field. Over the next seven years she turned that one and a half acre field, into a successful, small scale, market garden. She found she could grow not only enough produce to feed herself and her family but have enough over to run a thriving vegetable box scheme. This unique book is based on her own practical experience.

If you are want to grow enough vegetables to supply your own needs or planning to start a small business then this superb book will provide you with all the practical information you will need.



Introduction 7
Choosing Your Site 10
From Field to Garden 13
Soils & Nutrients 17
Machinery, Tools &
Equipment 21
Fertility 28
Rotation 35
Green Manures 40
Sowing, Propagation,
Modules & Transplants 43
Protected Cropping 50
Storing Your Harvest
Through the Winter 55
Water & Irrigation 59
Weed Control 63
Pests & Diseases 65
Seeds & Seed Sowing 77




Introduction 231
Finding & Keeping Customers 232
Growing Vegetables for Sale 234
Buying In Vegetables to Sell 236
Selling Vegetables 238
Money 242
Labour & Help 244

Polytunnels 247
Building Your Own Propagator 251
Average Monthly Costing & Content of Boxes 253
Timetables of Plantings For Succession 257
Sowing & Harvesting Table 261
Useful Organisations 263
Bibliography 266

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