The Complete Yurt Handbook


Paul King

In two parts. The first deals with the history of the yurt and the principles behind its construction and form. The second gives detailed instuctions on how to make several types of yurt, including instructions on how to build your own ‘weekend’ yurt. Excellent book, fascinating topic and where better to live.


Contes-  The Complete Yurt Handbook

  1.  The yurt – when, where and why
  2. Structure
  3. Life in the Mongolian ger
  4. The Mongolian ger –  a description
  5.  Other yurt  types
  6.  Build your own yurt
  7. Frame construction
  8.  Building a Mongolian ger
  9.  The cover
  10. Worked examples
  11. The bentwood yurt
  12. The weekend yurt



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