Eco-logic books have been selling books that promote practical solutions to environmental problems, for over 20 years – my goodness is it really that long – it seems like only yesterday….

We are a small, ethically run business. The day-to-day running of eco-logic is taken care of by me, Peter Andrews and Freja the cat (and to be frank she should have retired years ago) with help from other lovely people as needed. If you need to speak to someone speak to me.

We also publish books on our own account. We have produced books on LETS, Seed Saving, Farmers Markets, Green Woodworking, Yurts, Allotments, Gardening, Composting, Sustainable Architecture and Eco Paints. We have several titles in the pipeline, if you would like to know more about them go to our latest news page. If you think you would like to write a practical environmental book for us email me.

We try to run our business in the most environmentally sustainable way possible: we are careful where we bank and we try to use a minimum of materials in any of our activities; for example we will reuse used packaging material for 95% of dispatches. In our publishing operations we will only use UK printers and wherever possible 100% post consumer waste as print stock. Our office is in my house in Bath and when the sun shines our power comes from solar energy.

We used to have a huge selection of books but found that to save pennies people would check out our site and recommendations and go off to Amazon or some other discounter to make their purchase. Not much of a business model for us. So we decided to only sell what we published or could get a special deal on. But we do have a large stock of books that we take to events and book fairs so if you are after a particular title just call or email – we may have it or know where we can find it.

All our books are POST FREE to mainland UK but if you live in or near Bath and  you can always collect from our office – phone ahead to make sure we are in.

I love hearing from our customers. Whether you have an idea for a book you want to write, a way to improve our business, a title you think we should stock or just a good joke  you would like to share we are always pleased to hear from you: contact us here.