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David was one of the original thinkers behind permaculture and co-author with Bill Mollison of Permaculture 1. They quickly went their separate ways, developing and expanding on the principles of Permaculture. Holmgren wrote and recently updated the interesting Permaculture Principles. Anyhow while clearing up the warehouse I came upon these three items of Holmgren’s earlier output. Having rewatched them recently I can vouch that they are  but still perfectly relevant.

2 copies of Melliodora (Hepburn Permaculture Gardens) an excellent CD based on his pad and a case study in cool climate permaculture

3 copies of Relocalisation – DVD – a study on DVD of how Peak Oil can lead to permaculture – heaps of design info here

All at only £5 each including postage. In the notes bit of your order say which title/s you want

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