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Elizabeth Wilhide

‘An Essential Sourcebook for Environmentally Friendly Design & Decoration’. In today’s technologically dependent world we are all aware of the increasing damage we are doing to our environment but the scale of the destruction seems so vast we can often feel powerless to make any significant changes. ECO demonstrates how everyone can make a difference to the planet by incorporating environmental design, decoration, and strategies for living into their home. Whilst environmentally friendly architecture was once seen as minority interest, it is now viewed simply as best practice – ECO proves that it can be beautiful too. It is a book for those who want to build a home that respects the environment as well as for people who wish to make changes to the home they already have. Focusing on design, finish, decoration, and even housekeeping, ECO promises you lower fuel bills, fewer allergy-related illnesses, less waste, and a healthier world for your children to inherit. Save over £15 on the published price and with FREE postage


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