From Seed to Seed


From Seed to Seed

4 CDs  that give an extremely comprehensive, in-depth and step by step guide to saving seed from 32 kinds of vegetable, together with all sorts of other interesting seed saving stuff. Created by the Forum Civique Européen (yet another reason why we should never have left the EU) these DVDs are for anyone who wants to go above and beyond the excellent information in Back Garden Seed Saving. A complete list of the contents are  listed below.

Please note we have only a very limited number of these DVDs – VAT is included in the price – if you need a VAT invoice let me know. The DVDs have 3 language options English, French and German. They are an excellent resource for the serious individual seed saver or a seed saving circle.

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From Seed to  Seed
4 DVDs

How to choose seeds
Botanical classification
How to select plants from seed production
Isolation techniques
Manual of pollination for Cucurbitaceae
Extracting, wet processing, drying and sorting seeds
plus  Drawings of botanical classification trees, bibliography, music, contacts

 Seed production of:  cabbage, Savoy cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, kale, turnip, radish

Seed production of: carrot, celery, fennel, parsnip, lettuce, chicory, cardoon and artichoke, sunflower, corn salad, chard and beetroot, spinach

Seed production of: Squash and courgette, cucumber, melon, watermelon, tomato, aubergine, pepper and chilli pepper, corn, broad bean, pea, onion, leek


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