Growing Green

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J. Hall and I. Tolhurst

New Revised and Updated Edition

Couldn’t better the review from Tim Dean of Northwood Farm so here it is:

“Although Growing Green is written primarily from the perspective of developing a stock-free organic system, this book offers a superb reference guide for all organic growers, researchers and students. Written in a clear, passionate and above all a practical style, the key chapters include soil protection, soil fertility, composting, propagation, rotations, pest and disease control, a focus on growing and storing all key crops, and marketing. If you want to make a real difference producing decent food on your own small but significant portion of the world, this book will tell you most of what you need to know.”

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  1. Introduction to stock free- organic systems
  2. Soil protection
  3. Soil fertility
  4. Composting procedures
  5. Propagation
  6. Rotations
  7. Weed control
  8. Pests and diseases
  9. Environmental conservation
  10. Environmental auditing
  11. UK vegetable crops
  12. Season extension and crop storage
  13. The marketing of stock free-organic produce

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