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Joy Larkcom


We are lucky enough to have secured a couple of boxes of vegetable guru Joy Larkcom’s guide to the vegetables of the Far East. Based on a lifetime of work by master-gardeener Joy Larkcom it features to so well known oriental vegetables that include hardy leafy mustards, komatsuna, Chinese yams, lablab beans, Japanese pumpkin and water bamboo – all full of flavour, versatile and easy to grow.
Using organic methods and both traditional and modern techniques, Joy takes you through each stage of cultivation, and provides over 50 of her own delicious recipes. Out of print now – when they’re gone, they’re gone. Works well with Sally Cunningham’s Asian Vegetables

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Part 1

Brassicas,  beans, cucurbits, onions, radishes, tubers, water vegetables, herbs, edible wild plants, seeds sprouting

Part 2

Gardening techniques

Part 3

Recipes and appendices

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